I took the 8 week MBSR class last year which was lead by Eileen Spillane. I cannot recommend this class highly enough. Let me explain: I understand concept of compassion fatigue, which carries over into my line of work. I am the owner of a small pet care business in SF. It sounds like a walk in the park I know- but I never get a "break," or am off the clock. I love the animals we take care of and I have a responsibility to these pets and their owners. The clients have my cell phone number and I have to be available 24/7 in case of emergencies or health issues.

I always knew about the benefits of meditation, but this class taught me how to make it a daily practice and showed me the value in sticking to the routine. I am a hands on learner and the class was very beneficial for me. My quality of life and stress levels triggers have become much more manageable after taking this course and applying the methods that were taught. The ease into the program, gradual increase in the length of meditation sessions, and the different meditation exercises we learned in class were presented in the perfect sequence to where it was not overwhelming to me as a student.

I also enjoyed that the class was also full of early or newbie mediators in a welcoming and supportive environment.  It was nice to not feel intimated by other seasoned mediators like I have experienced in other mediation groups. Eileen was patient with our questions and took the time to make us all feel comfortable enough to contribute in the class which provided so much value to the class for me.

I feel so fortunate to have taken the MBSR class, and still apply the techniques I learned with Eileen. Our family just had our Second baby, so life has you Can imagine gotten a bit more chaotic. I am so lucky to have had the wonderful Eileen as our nurse the day our second baby was born. What a gift it was for me to have my mediation teacher in the room as my baby boy was coming into the world! It was amazing to see Eileen and provided me the reminder to just breathe.                       -Natalie Tondelli-Walsh

I recently took part in Eileen’s MBSR course, the second time I have taken this course but the first with Eileen. Eileen’s approach was very supportive while gently guiding our group and each individual to take forward steps in their practice. Even in the midst of a group setting, she was able to give individual guidance for different issues we were having. In this way, the course felt personal at the same time as having the encouragement of the group setting. Although the group included a number of people from different health care backgrounds, it wasn’t exclusively focused on that single aspect of people’s lives. The recurring focus of the course was mindfulness in all aspects, which can be applied to all aspects of life. Since the course ended, I find that I can turn to meditation when life becomes stressful and I have learned different stress-response tools that I apply to small events on a daily basis.

It’s been revolutionary for me. The course was fun and difficult at the same time, but I look forward to taking the MBSR course with Eileen again. ~Dr. Tamara Jurson

After 8 years of inpatient oncology nursing, I was no longer passionate or excited to come to work.  I suffered silently for a year until increasing work demands, a failed relationship, demanding friendships and a family member suffering from addiction prompted a call to Eileen. A life coach, who is also a nurse, understands the challenges of nursing first hand, such as the physical and emotional exhaustion, the workplace toxicity, & the courage needed to change nursing positions – this was my ticket to freedom. I knew within minutes of her complementary phone session, that she was a good fit for me. It felt effortless to explain my current hardships because she has been a nurse for many years and continues to work at the bedside.

 While it takes time to break lifetime patterns, over the ten sessions I worked with her, Eileen gave me the tools to create a new way of relating. She provided exercises, homework (not time consuming) to prompt reflection of how I played “victim” rather than the main character in my life.The work with Eileen allowed the following:~ I changed jobs into a healthier and more positive environment~I brought closure to a failed relationship ~ I shifted my communication and relationships with family and friends who demanded more time and energy than I could give them~ I changed the way I communicated with overbearing co-workers who I allowed to manipulate me for many years.

~ Eileen is patient, calm, understanding, empathetic and has a gentle energy. I would recommend her to any nurse, regardless of where you are in your career or your work circumstances. Do not wait like I did for things to escalate to a place of overwhelming helplessness. I’m so grateful I made the call and took the steps toward living a different and more fulfilled life. ~ Kristen Ripple RN

Eileen's MBSR class was wonderful. I enjoyed the class so much that I would consider taking it again. It was the perfect size group to learn, share and discuss what Mindfulness is all about. Even if you don't do all of the readings and work I think this class can have a major impact on your life. I am now trying to Incorporate a mindful way of living in my life daily. Eileen does an excellent job of sharing her knowledge and life experiences to help you relate to the class. I would highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to improve the way they handle stressful situations or just improve their life in general.  ~Erin Ford RN

“Eileen’s approach to coaching is empathic and compassionate, which allowed me to feel comfortable sharing concerns that would otherwise seem difficult. She gave me important, powerful questions to reflect upon that empowered me to shift.  The most significant benefit I gained was a new ability to be self-compassionate which has enhanced my quality of life and ability to face challenges." ~Fabiana Couto

“Typically, I don’t open up easily to people. However, I found myself being brutally open, honest, and vulnerable with Eileen because she made it safe to do so. In the six months Eileen coached me, I definitely gained inner strength and acceptance, which led to greater self confidence.  The creative homework assignments allowed me to connect our work between sessions in a way that complemented my busy life.  I learned new ways to connect, ground and show up authentically. I can not say enough wonderful things about my experience and would recommend Eileen to anyone that look honestly at themselves."  ~ Liz Walton