Book Review: Your Next Shift by Elizabeth Scala

You may recall I interviewed Elizabeth Scala a few months ago to help promote her book Nursing From Within. Click here to read the interview. Well her creative juices didn’t stop there and she is now releasing a new book. In Your Next Shift: How to Kick Your Nursing Career into High Gear, Elizabeth shares her struggles and celebrations on her path from leaving the bedside of psychiatric nursing towards nursing entrepreneurship.

She refers to herself as a visionary and offers tools, including universal laws, affirmations and reflective questions for nurses to identify what is blocking them from taking the next step. She has some wise advice and I guarantee you didn’t learn this in nursing school.


I would recommend checking her book out if you are interested in nurse entrepreneurship. As someone who has embraced change and opportunity in several different nursing specialties, I would also suggest this book to nurses that plan to stay at the bedside but are looking for greater work satisfaction. This book may serve as a catalyst for change.