Finding Balance Outside The Bubble Through The Holidays

Holidays are a funny time. Christmas lights go up, Rudolph songs hum through stores and customers pummel each other for Black Friday sales. Even when life is treating us well, holidays can be a stressful time. With so much uncertainty politically, it adds a bit more tension at family gatherings, doesn’t it?

As a Nurse for many years, I have filtered the news to understanding what interests me most, such as science, healthy living, fitness and self-care related issues. That has shifted for me recently as I investigate my personal actions and the impact they have on the world. It is not enough for me to stay in my little bubble and my happy place. I am attempting to find balance in investigating true news sources, staying open to listen to other viewpoints and taking steps to align my actions with my values.

For example, I value clean water, clean air and equal rights. As Nurses, I think most of us do. Last week, while I celebrated Thanksgiving after working at the hospital, I reflected on the North Dakota Pipeline and the actions by Native Tribes, Americans and Veterans to peacefully protect the land. While it is much easier to stay in my bubble and do my part at the hospital, I needed to question myself. Are my actions aligned with my values. After watching THIS VIDEO I knew they weren’t.  I took action to transfer my money from Wells Fargo to a local credit union because big banks and our President elect are invested in this pipeline. 

Now I’m not saying we can’t have fun. Don’t boycott holiday shopping altogether; That probably wouldn’t go over too well with the kids! I invite you to do it consciously. Give some thought to how much is enough? After watching the documentary TRUE COST. I am more aware of the consequences of shopping at H&M or The Gap verses Patagonia who promotes fair and safe labor practices. This sounds like a political issue and not such a Nursing issue but where do we draw the line? This is absolutely a Nursing issue. I was enlightened by The California Occupational Nurses when I spoke at their Nursing Conference. We as Nurses are responding to the impacts of how politics impacts individual people who show up at our bedside.

After maintaining weekly blogs for nearly three years, I will be shifting the frequency of my posts to monthly and as needed. I still look forward to engaging with you and supporting all of us in self-care. What better way to do that than dial back commitments?

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