Traveling in Nepal for a medical mission gave me a head start to celebrating the new year since I fast forwarded 14 hours from my normal San Francisco time zone. I hope 2016 brings much peace and happiness for all of you. Perhaps some of you established new years resolutions or reflected on the ups and downs of 2015. Normally, I establish new goals and create change on a regular basis and am not dependent on January 1st to inspire change.

Part of the medical team of Nurses, EMT's and newly trained Nepali Nurse Midwives

Part of the medical team of Nurses, EMT's and newly trained Nepali Nurse Midwives

This year however, is an exception and I'm committing to doing something I've procrastinated on for a long time. I'm making 2016 a year of loving kindness meditation, also known as metta. Basically I will meditate each day and send loving kindness to myself, a dear friend, a neutral person or even someone I find to be difficult. I've practiced metta but never for a period of time greater than a week. I'm looking forward to seeing what may come from this experiment. Who wants to join me?

Here's the deal: You meditate for 15, 30 or 45 minutes every day while connecting with your loving heart as you repeat these phrases to yourself, someone you love unconditionally or a dear friend, a neutral person who you may not even know their name, such as the mail carrier or a bus driver and finally the challenging person in our lives.

May I be happy, May I be healthy, May I be free from unnecessary stress, May I live with ease. May you be happy, May you be healthy, May you be free from unnecessary stress, may you live with ease.

The wording can be changed if it doesn't sound like it resonates for you.

I anticipate lots of uncertainty and changes in 2016 and I hope this meditation practice keeps me happy and balanced and going with the flow. I've already been put to the test. While traveling in Nepal, my luggage with my laptop and all my clothes vanished - a very unwelcomed surprise! Fortunately I am the recipient of clothing donations from generous new friends and am surrounded by the beautiful people of Nepal who beam happiness despite very challenging daily living post earthquake and political unrest.