How About A Little Gratitude?

Remember tracing your hand with brown construction paper to create turkey art in grade school? When I lived in New York City, the day was spent freezing on the Upper West side watching the life size balloons of Spiderman and Ronald McDonald float down Fifth Avenue, a far cry from honoring the Native Americans. For most of us, Thanksgiving is a holiday to spend with family and friends to enjoy the meal: turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, turnips, and a pumpkin pie.

It usually means a day off from work, unless you are a nurse. Many of us will be caring for patients in various specialties, perhaps having a potluck at work or having a mediocre cafeteria version of hospital thanksgiving, which never measures up to a home cooked meal.

For others, Thanksgiving is less about the turkey and more about gratitude and giving thanks. Word on the street is that even if you are the cynical type and not a big fan of a gratitude journal, taking on the practice can make you happy! Lets face it; we all have negative conditions in our life that our minds are drawn into. While it is necessary to see the truth of the way things are, it can help to create some distance, broaden our vision and acknowledge what we are grateful for.

So this week, notice if your feel more joy by cultivating gratitude. Find a family member, coworker or friend and tell them what you feel grateful for in your life. You might even have fun!