How Not To Die In The Hospital

Imagine if this was your family member and the Nurse was responsible for other patients.

Imagine if this was your family member and the Nurse was responsible for other patients.

Imagine a world of safe medical care. A world in which your family and friends not only get adequate care but outstanding care. Medication errors, hospital acquired infections, wrongful deaths occur all too frequently in our current healthcare system. Hospitals are driven by cost containment and Healthcare providers are expected to do more with less. We are busier than ever.

I have had the good fortune of working in hospitals throughout The United States for over twenty-five years in various settings from Med-Surg, PACU, Oncology, Intensive Care and Obstetrics. I have had as many as thirteen patients on a shift and as little as one in the ICU. Working in specialty areas allowed the opportunity of safe patient ratios. Working in the forward thinking state of California has allowed me the opportunity to provider safer care than if I worked in another state.

You see, California saw the value of demanding that hospitals provide the safest care possible to it’s citizens. In 1999 they passed a law requiring hospitals to implement safe staffing ratios by 2004. Human beings will make mistakes, myself included but I am much less likely to make a mistake with safe patient ratios. This is what it would look like:

I probably will finish my Nursing career in California with adequate patient ratios. However, I feel passionate to wake our country up to the urgency of the future of healthcare. I am joining Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio and other dynamic Nurses to petition for National Safe Nursing Ratios throughout the country. If you are a Nurse, NP, PA, MD, you need to sign this petition. If you have ever been a patient or anticipate being a patient in the future, you should sign this petition. If you have friends or family members, you should sign this petition so they get the best possible healthcare.

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