Just say NO!

As caretakers, we often put our needs behind others.  Ask any parent, teacher, or nurse out there if they get their basic needs met without checking on others first. We often find ourselves saying "Yes" more often than we need to, for fear of disappointing others.  Some of us have been called people pleasers, some of us have taken it to the next level as co-dependents. I know all about that one and am a big fan of the recovery process for co-dependents because you get your life back. 

So, if any of this resonates with you, I give you permission today to say NO - not just once- how about ten times? I bet some of you won't make the cut. Be selective. You might not want to lose you job, so keep it simple.  Maybe say no to cooking dinner.  Perhaps say no to that friend's gathering because you would really rather finish your book.  Whatever you decide, allow your "NO" to be a yes to yourself.