Hearts, Presidents and Electronic Medical Records

The nursing unit exploded with heart shaped boxes of See's candies, a gift from our Chairman to boost morale and thank us for our hard work. As I moved through the day, I heard different perceptions of the holiday from hopeful young love, cynics, people wanting to be out of their partnerships, single people psyched to be single, and single people wanting relationship.

It all comes down to our perceptions and that rolls us right over to President's Day. Some may be nostalgic for past Presidents and frustrated with choices of candidates. Things are heating up with the election and now Scalia's death has just up'd the ante. I'm feeling nostalgic about something else.

My first week at the new hospital was action packed and hands on. Within the first hour of starting my shift, I was already assisting with delivering a baby. My preceptor oriented me to the charting system and that was when reality hit; I was going back in time to 1990 when I borrowed my friends Macintosh. The hospital I am working for uses a DOS based computer system which doesn't communicate with the other electronic charting system. Learning all the protocols, managing patient care, getting to know the staff has been effortless in comparison. The charting system will have me banging my head against the wall or hopefully practicing mindfulness!

Just as some people reminisce about JFK or Reagan, depending on your politics, I have this longing to go back a little further in time to paper charting. Some of you remember - that was when you could face the patient and write down their assessment and smile at them or nod your head. Instead I'm hitting F11 and realize that only works sometimes and on this screen you hit the return button on the key board.