Sit Back, Close Your Eyes and Hit Play. Guided Meditation

I was so happy to hear people interested in doing loving kindness meditation. I have committed to doing this everyday for 2016. I haven't been successful at 45 minutes of meditation each day. However, on busy days I can always find 15 minutes to say loving kindness phrases. 

May I be happy

May I be healthy

May I be free from unnecessary stress

May I live with ease

Today, treat yourself to 15 minutes of fostering love and happiness. Sit back, close your eyes and hit play.

As we ease into working with loving kindness, we will expand our practice from self, good friend or supporter, neutral person to eventually include a difficult or challenging person. I offer this guided meditation first since it is often easier to practice loving kindness towards self, good friend and a neutral person.

Some people also find it challenging to send loving kindness to the self. We don't live in a culture that supports that practice. We often can be very judgmental and critical of ourselves. It may be helpful to imagine yourself as a young child or a time when you were going through a difficulty. Continue to work with the phrases and feel free to change the words to suit you. If the practice becomes too challenging, shift the attention of your phrases to someone you feel unconditional love for or focus on your breath until the strong emotions pass.

Feel free to email me or comment about any questions or experiences you have during your practice. I will be away on a silent meditation retreat for the week but will be sure to respond on my return.