Skeptic Scientist Talks About Meditation

If you have spent time around runners, you probably are familiar with hearing about their injuries and physical therapy. I know I've been there more than I'd like to count and like most runners, you want to take the fast track to recovery - which often results in more injury!

Sara Lazar was a skeptical scientist who acquired a running injury training for the Boston Marathon. She found herself irritated by the suggested added benefits of yoga; Remember she is a Boston scientist, not a California massage therapist. Her own direct experience convinced her that something was up because she was reaping the benefits. I have also experienced these benefits in my regular meditation practice and I see significant changes in the students I teach in my 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course.

Tonight (Monday) I'm offering a free introduction to the 8 week series which starts October 26th.

Click here for an 8 minute video of research on neuroplasticity aka rewiring the brain and the benefits for us as we use meditation to defy the aging effects of the brain.