Black Friday And The REI Approach

We are officially in the thick of the holiday season. The elf is on the shelf; Christmas music is on the radio and Black Friday kicked off the holiday shopping frenzy. Some people heeded a different call, the call to opt out of shopping and get outside.

REI, an outdoor clothing and gear store locked the doors on one of the busiest shopping days of the year to give employees an extra paid day off to spend with family and friends. State parks in California, Colorado, Arizona, Delaware, Kansas, Massachusetts and Minnesota offered free or reduced entry. It sure sounds more relaxing than risking life for a bargain deal at Walmart. Our life consists of precious human days and we have no idea how many days we get to live. We do have some influence on how we spend our days and the precious moments within those days.

I worked at the hospital this Thanksgiving and Black Friday but I managed to get outside and enjoy the beautiful full moon. Throughout the remainder of the holiday season, when life feels a bit stressful, remember this message and head outside. Turn off the phone, look up, feel the world around you and breathe.