Tips for new graduates from a new nurse - Meet Matthew

How long have you been a nurse do you currently work in?

I graduated from nursing school in May 2013, and started work in October 2013 in the ED in a large hospital in NY.

Matthew Crosby

Matthew Crosby

Tell me your biggest pet peeves about nursing.

Many patients don’t see nursing care beyond someone who is taking their vital signs, etc.  It’s very rewarding when you have a patient who appreciates your role in their care team.

What do you love most about nursing?

I love connecting with patients at a time in their life when they are most vulnerable. It’s a special opportunity to help patients navigate through the emergency room, particularly when they feel scared or are sick or injured.  I need to be ready for anything in the ER – a patient can be fine one minute and go into cardiac arrest or respiratory failure without much warning!

What throws you off balance and how do you know you are out of balance?

Working nights has been very tough. I love the night shift when I’m there, but navigating back to a “normal” sleep schedule is difficult after working several night shifts. I always feel like I need a recovery day after several shifts.

What brings you back into balance?

Sleep, lots of sleep.  Other than that, I’m haven’t gotten that balancing act down.  I would like to say that exercise brings me balance, but I don’t do it often. 

courtesy of peasap

courtesy of peasap

What advice would you give to new grads starting out; especially those that are struggling to find a job?

I’m a big believer of things falling into place for a reason. I interviewed for two jobs at the same time, and did not get the one I thought I really wanted.  It can be disappointing and depressing.  In the long run – I think the right job found me. 

Get on LinkedIn - nurse recruiters await. 

Connect with as many professional connections as possible.

Seek out hospitals in your area that have programs (internships/fellowships) for new graduates. 

Dress professionally and wear a suit to your interviews.