Forget your resolution - I've got a better idea

For most people, New Years is a time of goal setting. It’s a time to wipe the slate clean and look forward. Goal setting is second nature to me but there is something forced about it when everyone is doing it at the start of the year. They all sound the same, eat better, work out more, or save money. For so many people, New Year’s resolutions fail and leave us feeling worse off than before, often blaming ourselves. The goal is never going to be met unless we are motivated to do so and if January 1st isn’t motivating you, maybe you should have a goal not to have a New Years resolution!

How about a new approach to the New Year?

Reflect back on your last year as if you are Jimmy Stewart with Clarence in A Wonderful Life. What are you proud of?

What did you accomplish?

What challenges did you overcome?

What life lessons did you learn?

How have your actions or inactions impacted people in your life?

Like you, 2014 had its ups and downs. I had plenty of opportunities to learn to be adaptable and flexible with all of the uncertainty 2014 dished out on my plate. I had extensive water damage in my home, which kept me from my apartment for over two months. I also had my first burglary, which brought another set of lessons.

Fortunately, I had plenty of ups as well; Presentations to amazing nurses at Stanford University Medical Center, Keynote speech at The SF Med-Surg Conference, classes through The Balanced Nurse and individual coaching clients. Getting to know nurses from other walks of life has validated the need for me to do my work.

My Backroads life brought opportunities to lead trips with spectacular views in The Grand Teton National Park, bears and bison in Yellowstone, the rugged coast of Big Sur and beautiful Santa Barbara.

2015 is bound to bring more uncertainty. We can handle it. How boring life would be without a few curveballs here and there. I just hope that when they come, I can meet them with patience, compassion and curiosity.

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