The Very Unofficial How to Be Happy List

With Hanukah celebrations last week and Christmas less than two weeks away, most of us are caught up in the holiday season of shopping and celebrating. I have a tradition of visiting my family in New York in early December since most years it has been a challenge to get more than two days off around Christmas. Through all the activities this week, I encountered very pleasant people, which is not always the case during the buzz of the holiday season.

I’d like to share a very unofficial list of what contributes to feeling happy. This list was created by a group of 40 random people I was with. We created little groups of 5 people and shared from our own life experiences of what created a genuine sense of happiness.

See what resonates and feel free to add to the list:

Be kind to people: Volunteer or Help others out

Music: Listening or playing

Simplify: Remove “stuff” or clutter. Unburden your life by minimizing


Having just enough money: To be free of debt, maintain a comfortable lifestyle and have a sense of freedom.


Evaluate your life periodically: Look at the choices you make with work and home life.  Who we spend time with, the work we do, and the daily choices we make in relationship with health and well-being.

Knowing the difference between needs verses wants

Reflecting on Choices before taking action: Aligning my life with my values so as to not regret poor choices later.

Practicing Forgiveness

Sharing my joy with others

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