The Vulnerability of The Healing Relationship

This week I offer a short read from an inspiring teacher, Saki Santorelli. I highly recommend his book Heal Thyself which this excerpt is taken from.

"What happens in that alive, open space called the patient-practitioner relationship demands such close attention. It is an embodiment, a direct expression of interconnectedness and interdependence. Beyond a doubt we work on ourselves as a means of helping others, and simultaneously, working with others is a way of working on ourselves.

The simple truth of this is hard to open up to because it changes the entire nature of the healing relationship from one of fixing and rescuing, or authority and domination, to one of service, collaborative creativity, and inquiry. This alone is a cracking open of our imagined sense of self and position. For our work and our privilege is to assist and accompany others into the discovery of their own intrinsic wholeness existing behind illness, even when death is close at hand or when one faces living with chronic illness."