Too Busy To Meditate? Got Time To Walk?

Lindsey is a new graduate just off of orientation. When she is able, she spends five to ten minutes of her lunch break in the hospital chapel meditating. She says it helps her manage the sense of overwhelm she experiences as a new Nurse. She runs and does yoga and doesn’t always have time for more time to meditate.

Most of us spend our shift in overwhelm without a proper meal break. We may find the pace of the day picks up at the end of the shift when we run around shuttling kids to games, running errands and getting dinner on the table.

So if the idea of meditating seems impossible but you want to give it a try, I’ve got a solution for you.

Mindfulness for busy people: Give Walking Meditation a try.

You can do this when you are walking from your car to the soccer field or the supermarket with these four easy steps.

Gratitude: Invite yourself to appreciate your body’s ability to walk. While your body may not be perfect, it is yours and it has the ability to get you from point A to point B.

Feel your Feet: Connect to the sensations in your feet as the heels and the toes come into contact with the ground. If you walk slow enough you can say lifting, moving, placing as you make those movements.

Take in the sensory world around you: Expand your awareness from your feet to the sights, sounds, smells and touch sensations as you are walking. You may notice the smell of fresh cut grass, the feel of wind on your face or the warmth of the sun on your back.

Use your Inside Voice: You can be getting your mindfulness on without anyone even noticing. Feel free to come up with a phrase that allows you to get centered and focused, such as “Breathing in, I feel relaxed. Breathing out, I let go of what I no longer need.”