Why You Will Fail to Have a Fulfilling Career if You Don’t Strive For Excellence

This week's post is written by Guest Blogger, Sebastian Jania

What is not striving for excellence?  Not striving for excellence is simply doing the minimum required to fulfill the job description, or if not even that, just filling the hours necessary to get paid. Further, lack of excellence can be showed through laziness, taking extra breaks, and not doing everything you can to make a patient feel better, this includes simple things like smiling.

What does lack of excellence breed?  Discontentment, frustration, impulsiveness, and it replicates to the rest of your habits in your daily life. I will never forget a teacher of mine who said, “what you do when nobody is watching says a lot about your character”, this statement really shook me; let it shake you too.

What happens when you incorporate excellence into your work?  You fulfill your internal potential, finally being able to empty yourself completely for others through your work; this is ultimately what the Nurse is called to do. Your excellence leads to progress, which as a result breeds happiness and fulfillment.

Further, your excellence sets things into cyclical motion. What does he mean you might ask? Your attitude, and thus your excellence, will make your job easier. Striving for excellence leads to patient satisfaction, which leads to greater cooperation, thus leading to personal satisfaction, and the cycle continues. Your personal satisfaction, just like lack of excellence, will be reflected in other areas of your life. Make sure to think about this and consider the correlation.

Never forget, you are the one who is with the patient in their lowest moments. As a Nurse you have the greatest influence and potential to pull these patients out of their low points; sometimes all it takes is that smile or kind word.

You’ve dedicated so much to be in this position, and so many people would dream to be in your role: Students who are currently studying to be Nurses, those who can’t afford schooling, those who wish they could heal their family members but don’t have the skills, and those who wish they could heal themselves.

I think you begin to see my point. It may be difficult to implement this strategy right away, as we must overcome habits that have potentially been around for decades, however, start with one thing today, and simply smile. Step up to the challenge, be exceptional, be the best You.

Sebastian Jania is the owner and current blogger for The Nurse's Essentials, a Canadian company seeking to appreciate, inspire, and serve Nurses.