As nurses, we are challenged physically, emotionally, mentally, morally and spiritually.  We endure long shifts with high acuity patients, often in toxic workplaces, while keeping up with advancing technology.  Burn-out, compassion fatigue and workplace toxicity are terms that have become all too familiar with our profession.  Our busy over-stimulated lives leave little room for self-care and we function on auto-pilot until something wakes us up.

Sometimes that wake-up call comes in the form of illness, a shift in relationships, difficulties at work, or the loss of loved ones. We may be faced with circumstances where we have a hard time seeing all of our options. Coaching provides an opportunity to expand perspective, see things in a new light and take action to open doors that we didn't know existed.

Eileen provides a safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgmental space to explore patterns that hinder the ability to reach one's highest potential.  She appreciates the courage it takes to change and fully practices what she preaches.  She is deeply and personally committed to helping nurses create balance so that we may live our lives fully.